The wretched shoe!

I take pride in being the man. For one, I don’t think twice about dragging a dirty old shoe to the middle of the living room so that I can photograph it. Who will question me? I don’t answer to anyone. I make my own decisions. And if I decide I want a shoe in the middle of the…

What are you doing?
What’s the shoe doing there?
Shall I put it back?
It’s going to dirty the floor. (Her predictions have an eerie way of coming true.)
No it isnt.. A giant chunk of dirt miraculously dislodges itself and falls to the ground.
I’m not cleaning that!

A flying shoe almost gets me in the face. But is no match for my lightning quick reflexes.
Turning around, I make a funny face (Big Mistake) As she takes aim again.
The rest is too gory to be made public. You should thank me for the censorship.

Turns out, my resolution to make at least two interesting pics every week is not as easy as it seemed. Especially if there are people around who can’t be bothered with creativity. For them, a clean floor is all that matters!

Anyways. Hope it was worth the trouble.

28mm 1/250 at F16

If you look carefully, you can see my top secret shoe lace tie. Guaranteed lazy friendly.

8 thoughts on “The wretched shoe!

  1. I don’t know how you come up with such brilliant shots. But way too good! 🙂 Why don ‘t you try another shot with a pile of dirty clothes?? Dirt is good!! 😀 😀

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