An eye for detail..

Is there a thing as photographer’s block? It appears I’ve run out of inanimate objects to shoot. I know the bigger possibility is me not seeing the ideas. But I’m going to ignore that. I seriously think there is nothing left to shoot! I can hear my mom in the background. She seems to have lost her glasses. I wonder where they are. Hmmm..

135mm 1.250 at F5.6

The image is best viewed in a black background. Don’t ask me how though.

9 thoughts on “An eye for detail..

  1. Got a flickr account? Post it there, then people can see it on a black background by just clicking on it 😉 and you can link your flickr account and wordpress blog together!

    1. Ahhh.. That’s exactly why I mentioned I don’t know how to do it here. I miss the flickr ‘L’ button! Didn’t know we could link the accounts though. Gotta try that, thanks 🙂

      1. All you do is post you picture on flickr, once it’s there, click above on “share”, you’ll get a piece of code that you paste in the html section of your new post on your wordpress blog and post that, you’re done! When people click on your post in your blog, they’ll be instantly sent to the post of your flickr page and if they click on the picture then they’ll see it against THE black background. 😉

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