Going back in time..

I realized that, of late, nothing made me happy.

At least not the way I used to be happy as a child. I remember being excited at the smallest of things. A time when happiness was not dictated by the amount of money spent. The good times when a bottle cap or a marble was all I needed to keep me busy.

I needed a trip down memory lane.

Try and do things that I enjoyed as a kid. The small pleasures that barely cost anything but kept me happy for hours and days on end.

No I didn’t go buy a bag of marbles. Can even get them these days? I haven’t seen any for a long while. Instead, I decided I needed to revive my passion for scale models. As a kid, I used to love these and had a huge collection of models from Majorette, a French toy manufacturer who specialized in die cast models. I used to love these cause they were the only ones with a working suspension. A really simple setup using a piece of bent metal that flexed when the wheels were pressed. But imagine an eight year old with a 1:64 scale with hoods and doors that opened and a frigging suspension that actually worked! I was in heaven.

Sadly though, Majorette is not available where I live. So I have to make do with Hotwheels instead. But nevertheless, it’s a step in the right direction.

Going back in time.


The beautiful 1963 Aston Martin DB5. Such class!

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