How the Mini Cooper saved my weekend.

It’s been a boring weekend.

There’s no way I was heading out in this sweltering heat. Being a homebody boosts my Joie de Vivre when it’s hot out. Heck one of the reasons for me moving to Bangalore was the beautiful weather. Wonder where it went.

Since I spent most of saturday doing nothing, guilt was slowly weaving its sweaty blanket around me. And the last thing I wanted was to be hotter.

So I whipped out the trustly ‘ol Camera and decided it’s gonna be a macro day today. Saves me the trouble of sitting by and waiting for something interesting to happen. Nothing interesting ever happens when its this hot. Everyones too sweaty to be interesting.

And I know I’ve bored you guys with too many flower and insect pics lately. There’s only so much of that one can bear. So it’s different today.

Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you the Mini Cooper Grunge Edition. The one who saved my weekend.

Mini Cooper Wallpaper Grunge
100mm f/8; 25 Secs at ISO100. Two Flashes – One from below at 1/128, One from the side at 1/64. Background added in post.

You can click on the Image for a Full HD 1920 X 1080 Wallpaper.

So how was your weekend? Too hot?

2 thoughts on “How the Mini Cooper saved my weekend.

  1. What a fantastic POV. I actually have a ‘thing’ for Mini Coopers that began in Rome. You see a lot of them there and rather than parallel park in a space, they park with the bumper to the curb so they can fit more cars into a parking spot. Have you seen that? In fact, I mentioned to a friend in DC about how many Mini’s you see around there. Unfortunately, the amount of snow we get in Alberta makes them impractical. But I’d love one. I enjoyed your writing in this post, especially, “guilt was slowly weaving its sweaty blanket around me”. Fantastic!

    1. I love the Mini Cooper!! I don’t think there are many cars that can claim fame for being small, cheap and incredibly fun to drive all at the same time! But it’s sad that they’re getting bigger with every new model. The new mini is bigger than many small cars and losing it’s character.

      They do that parking thingy with Fiat 500s too. But it just doesn’t look as cool when a Mini does it. Oh, and Italian Job!!

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