Delusions of Happiness

I’m a happy go lucky kinda guy. Eveything around me makes me happy. Sometimes its weird that I dont know why. Am I alone in thinking that people unconsciously mooch happiness off others? I see this all the time at weddings. Not that I love going to weddings. But I’m inexplicably happier when I’m there. Everyone’s so happy. And genuinely so. Unless you’re the ex. In which case you have no reason to be there in the first place.

Come to think of it, people are genetically inclined to feel the way others feel around them. Not that I can prove it. Cause I don’t know the first thing about genetics you see. But pull one guy out of a group and ask why they do what they do, and you’ll probably be bombarded with “Umms” and “Aahhs” and “Uhhhs”.

No “Oohs” tho.

So what’s the idea behind your rock song? Is there a message to the world?
Uhhh.. Hey, have you seen my new guitar?

However, in a group of children, you usually get a lot of Oohs.

Why are you in a musical?
Ooh! Cause I love to sing! And dance! And Ooh! I get to be on stage…

So what does that mean? Well I don’t know really. But it does make you think. Growing up is supposed to make us smarter. And we end up not knowing what we want. We do what we do, based on where we were and with whom, at that pivotal point in time when it was decided that, that’s what we’re going to do. So technically it dumbs us down. It removes our freedom of thought while filling us with delusions of control.

Feels just like it did when my maths teacher introduced me to “X”. Who turned out to be a lot of work to end up at nothing.

I don’t know if that was philosophical or technical. Anyways back to topic – Mooching happiness.

Is that ok? I mean is it ok if you want to look pretty for a cousin’s wedding? What if you end up looking prettier than her? Will that make you happy? Or sad? Or confused?

I for one think we should all look our absolute worst unless it’s our own wedding. That way the bride would look beautiful. As she rightly deserves. And that should make you happy.

Shouldn’t it?

Henna Resized
40mm f/2.8 at 1/250 (ISO 100, External Flash in Manual 1/50 fired at ceiling)

17 thoughts on “Delusions of Happiness

  1. I hate going to weddings! I don’t really have a clear-cut reason but I’ve never felt comfortable or happy at any wedding! :-/ Loved the pic!
    And yeah, even I believe that we kind of absorb the happiness (or sadness, for that matter) of people around us. And, if you can keep a secret, I wanted to be (and still want to, although not as much as earlier) a psychologist because I thought by making people happy, I’d be able to spread it around and eventually, help in making the world a happier place. 😀

  2. Gorgeous shot!

    I might be a tiny bit off topic here… hope you don’t mind… but you mentioned being happy at other people’s weddings. Recently I went to the first wedding I’ve been to in years, and I couldn’t be more miserable! Actually someone else in my place probably wouldn’t even have been on the wedding, so in a sense you’re right; of course we attend weddings because we want to participate in the joy :). (I was miserable because I kept thinking I’m never going to get married.)

    1. Thanks Norah!

      But why would you think you’re never going to get married? As far I can see you’re a talented young woman. And I don’t want you to be comforted or analysed for my having said that. (I read the post on jealousy :P) Do you moonlight as an axe-murderer? Or don a cape and have a secret gadget filled cave under your house? If its the latter, men wud pile over wanting to get to know you. If its the former, we still have Craigslist! (Do they, in sweden?)

      So all is not lost. 🙂

      1. Hahahahah… alas… I have come to realize the problem has nothing to do with me (it took me A LONG TIME to realize that by the way!), but the place I live in and my inability to adjust to specific social standards.

        And for the record… I’m extremely fascinated with Hannibal ;P.

      2. I guess the inability to adjust comes from a strong will. I hate having to adjust to social norms too. My argument being that these norms were created by people. Not handed down from the gods. So why is it that they cannot be changed?

        Haha I’m sure Hannibal would be intrigued to have captured the interests of a young woman.

      3. Yeah you’re right. I tried to be a good example for other girls, especially teenage girls with the same background as mine, but eventually I realize that shouldn’t be my aim as some people/societies will never change.

        Yeah he might… but others might think I’m a freak!

      4. Yeah, there’s no point trying to change some people.

        As for people looking at you weirdly, Hannibal can pay them a visit later at night. I see that plan working wonders!

  3. Danny – I’ve moderated your comment so that you have an option to read the post again, look at the deeper meaning and not look like an idiot for having judged too early. Things are not always what they seem.

    P.S – Loved your blog!

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