Healing the soul..

They say music heals the soul. And I experienced some healing recently.

A few months ago, a friend of mine invited me to watch ‘MoonArra‘, a lovely World Fusion band, at one of their gigs. It was great hanging out and meeting a couple of them over tea. Such beautiful human beings! And their music reflects that.

As always, here’s something I brought back to share with you.

‘Jaggi’ 70mm f/4 at 1/100 ISO1600

Jagadeesh MR or Jaggi to his friends and fans. The founder of Moonarra. He composes, plays the guitar and a wonderfully curious instrument called the Oud. This is especially endearing to me cause of my middle eastern upbringing. I grew up seeing people play this and it brought back such beautiful memories.

An incredibly talented musician and a thorough gentleman, his down to earth demeanor immediately puts you at ease. And his lovely wife Madhuri (a wonderful singer) is probably the friendliest person on earth!

Good People. Good Music.

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