New Year Resolutions Suck!

Not really.

What sucks is that every year around this time, I’m all charged up and roaring to start work on my new year resolutions. Come february or march (if I really keep at it), and it all fizzles out.

Not this time!

For 2014, I’ve decided to keep my resolution small and simple. So no, I won’t be the cause of world peace. Or find a cure for laziness. Even though I know how much we need the latter.

This time around, my resolution is simply to get out more.

Can’t get any easier, can it? We’ll see.

Having sat back and thought about how I spent 2013, I realized that most of it was indoors. Time that I could’ve spent enjoying the sun, getting a tan. Maybe scale some heights, break a bone. Create a GoPro video that gets a million hits etc. But I didn’t. The result is – Well, a lot of fat! And an all time high level of laziness. But no, my resolution is not to lose weight. Cause I don’t want to lose weight by losing weight. I want to lose weight by having fun. And I wan’t to make the most of the freedom that we enjoy. Does that even make sense?


Anywho, there is no freedom like the freedom that comes from two wheels. So here’s my ticket.

KTM Duke 1

KTM Duke 2

Oh, and before I forget – Happy New Year! And remember, keep your resolutions simple and realistic. You’ll thank me later.

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