Reboot! William Gedney’s ‘Wet Boy standing outside with arms outstretched’

Gedney didn’t bother with political correctness or diplomacy. He chose to document the truth. And that can be seen in all his creations. Can you imagine anyone with the balls these days to show children smoking? Or a guy enjoying a beer while driving? What with the droves of ‘holier than thou’s’ waiting to pounce on anyone who dare speak the ugly truth.

This post is a rework of a previous one. These days, its all about reboots! Movies, songs, countries..everything could do with a reboot. And some of them are even worth a second look! Of course I didn’t just copy paste. That would be cheating. Not that I mind; But if you’re taking the time out to read this, then I owe it to you, to write something worth reading.

We live in an era where its fine to do almost anything. But its wrong to talk about it. Or to portray it in art. I’m sure we all know that one person who started smoking years before putting their name down on a college application. Yet we get hot under the collar when a TV ad shows a grown man smoking. As if people wouldn’t take to smoking if they hadn’t seen that ad.

Anyways, I digress.

Gedney’s images, they had a quality about them. Imagine if ‘truth’ was an object. It would be gritty, dark and at times uncomfortable. Far from some of the glamorous crap that passes off these days as art. His images were just that. They exuded a feeling of truth about them. And you almost always felt part of it. As if it was you, standing there capturing that fleeting moment.

But I feel he could’ve done better when it came to naming his creations. Look at this one for example. ‘Wet Boy standing outside with arms outstretched’ is not really a name! It’s more of a description. Did he unintentionally start off hash-tagging or stock images? I dunno.

I’m gonna call this one ‘The Boy in the Marsh’. I do not know whether he intended the image to have an eerie side to it, but it immediately caught my eye. While it was just a child in the photograph, there is something about it which lends a supernatural feel.

I think its his eyes.. Or the way the light plays around his face with a sense of mystery. As if its afraid to reveal him. Perhaps it was the way he was dripping wet. When everything around him seemed dry and devoid of life or contrast. As if he’d just crawled out of the damp arms of an all encompassing darkness..


Anyways, I’ve always wanted to do an uncomfortable nightvision type photograph and felt this would be an ideal donor.

I sincerely hope I do not offend any of Gedney’s fans. Try to look at this as a Photoshop Homage if you may.

So, Here’s what I came up with. What do you think?

Original Image Here All credits to their respective owners.

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