The Homeowners Club – II

Continued from here

I’ve found a pattern. I’ve also realized why I wasn’t able to capture his mate.

This fella sits here keeping an eye on the surroundings while his mate collects more twigs for their nest. Once she finds it, they fly to their new home in a tree nearby. In about five minutes, they return for more, repeating the process. Though he’s always the one keeping watch.

I’ll keep at it, I’m sure we’ll get a couple of flight shots soon.

Bird 4
300mm f/7.1 at 1/400 ISO200

Bird 5
300mm f/7.1 at 1/400 ISO200

Anybody else think he look’s like a kung-fu master? A la Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?

7 thoughts on “The Homeowners Club – II

  1. I see the add media option. The issue is getting my old card onto my computer and figuring how, when and which piece of media to get once it is in the computer. My son is supposed to be helping me with this. But with work and two little ones there isn’t a whole lot of spare time.

    The trick for me is understanding what the computer wants and how to retrieve it. I have I believe some images in Picassa, but I am just to unfamiliar with how to access my own photos. I will have to play with it on a private blog first before venturing into the public 🙂

    I have a book on Northern American birds, but I suspect that may not be where you are from. The closest thing I came up with when I Googled some basic markings was an Arizona Woodpecker, but it was not an exact match.

    Looks just at tad like this fellow:

    1. I think you’ve nailed it! It is indeed the Red whiskered Bulbul! Thanks!!

      I know it can sometimes be a daunting task getting your computer to do what you want it to. I know this because I work with Dell and used to train tech support engineers who answer customer queries.

      I think the first step is to identify what type of card (memory) your camera uses. Once we know this, its just a matter of getting a compatible card reader (quite cheap) and then bob’s your uncle!

      I usually upload my pictures directly onto wordpress. But its simple to link Flickr or Picasa onto your blog as well.

      I’m sure if you spend an afternoon, you’ll have it down pat.

      Do give me a shout if you need any help.

      1. I do have a card reader. The question is understanding the download and upload parts. I experimented with a sample photo that was in Picasa (on this computer) but I am not exactly sure what I did do. And did get something on a private blog post- but it wasn’t mine. I also was looking at where to find the gallery at WP and couldn’t find that (which another friend said would be at create gallery on the left of the screen – not there or I didn’t know what to look for). So I also couldn’t find edit gallery or gallery setting which is supposed to be on the right at a small sidebar. I wonder if that is only if you have more than a free site?

        And today I went looking for my photos. I think the lap top and the home computer aren’t quite talking to each other at the moment, which I think hubby can fix. I thought I had stuff Picasa, but I can’t find it where I’m at (not the PC).

        I also want to try haiga which is hiaku (words) on the actual photo but I guess I have to start with baby steps 🙂

        Once I do get the Luna moth off the camera card and where I can actually access it – I can add it (well maybe).

        Thanks for your help – my hubby is great with most computer stuff as that is part of his profession. But as he works with them all day coming home and helping me…well I try not to bug him.

        While not of Facebook, I am the only family member with blogs 🙂

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