India, Happy Independence to you

Here’s to those of us who have to pay ridiculous taxes to drive on potholed roads to reach a party where the power cuts off in the middle of a song which we have to leave at 11 pm anyways; to drive home through unlit tracks only to get stopped by fat unruly policemen who treats you like a criminal till you pull out your wallet without a fuss because you’re in a nice car with a beautiful woman who happens to be your wife. And no, you haven’t had anything to drink either.

All this while young women don’t have the freedom to walk the streets. Freedom from fear. Freedom from unwanted attention. Freedom from strange hands all over them.

In a land where criminals roam free. A land where only the law abiding citizen pays. Men who steal billions can afford to spend a million to stay out of the news. Leaders lavish, take their loved ones on world tours that cost the economy of a small city. After all it’s tax money. We pay, they spend.

India may be independent. But we Indians have a long way to go before we’re free.

Independence Rose
100mm f/2.8 at 1/160 ISO400 Colored in PS

4 thoughts on “India, Happy Independence to you

      1. Yes, we can. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. What’s better than complaining is figuring out to solve the problem. Often easier said than done but not a reason to give up trying.

      2. I agree. The solution while evident, is not easy. After all you can’t change a country overnight that couldn’t be educated in years of being fooled! However, those of us who care, try and make whatever difference we can. It has to start someplace right?

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