Finding Happiness – II

A few more portraits from my visit to Samarthanam School for the Disabled the other day. Like?

Samarthanam Child 7

Samarthanam Child 1

Samarthanam Child 5

Samarthanam Child 9A Small Sharpened

Samarthanam Child 2B

Samarthanam Child 16


13 thoughts on “Finding Happiness – II

      1. I think they’re wonderful portraits. their eyes and smiles so warm. kudos to you for capturing that, and the hearts of those who see these pictures. made me warm inside xx

      2. Thank you for the kind words Kat. I’m glad you enjoyed the portraits. I was going through some of your work and I must say I find them beautiful! And I love the fact that you almost always have a photograph to add depth to your poetry.

      3. thank you. that means a lot to me. although I’ve been on WordPress for a couple of years, I don’t really use it as much as I could to full effect. it’s more a therapeutic outlet. haha. but it’s always nice to hear from other writers and photographers as I stumble my way around here. one day I’ll have it sussed. 🙂

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