Is Photoshop evil?

It amazes me. Our frailty. Have you ever stopped to think that our lives are but what we see, hear and feel? Signals sent from various sources to a brain which tells us what it is that we’re seeing, hearing and feeling. And we believe what we’re told.

Simple? Yes. Scary? You tell me.

Imagine if it all went south. Let’s say the brain decides to throw caution to the wind and multiply everything that steps in by a factor of let’s say 10.

You can’t keep your eyes open anymore. The light feels like a searing knife. Your ears pound at the drop of a pin. A gentle touch is an icy stab piercing your senses. You’re wounded but not bleeding. Enough to get the bravest amongst us into a frenzy. A bad date with insanity.

Why? Because we are creatures of habit. It doesn’t faze us if we’re blinded by the sun. Because we expect it to. But take a step into the dark bylanes of the unexpected and we simply don’t know what to do. Because we don’t know what to expect. Or is it the other way around?

But the tricky bit is when we question what’s normal. What if our perception of normal is skewed? What if the sun is ten times brighter than it is? What if everything we see or hear is a fraction of itself?

So then, what is reality? And why is photoshop not real enough?



2 thoughts on “Is Photoshop evil?

  1. These are thoughts I’ve had myself! About questioning ourselves what exactly is meant by ‘normal’ in any aspect. Loved your thought!

    1. Thanks Rosh! I think questioning ourselves is the best way to be our best. And not wanting to adhere will inevitably result in creativity. And this world needs more of that! Free thinking and creativity..

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