My purebred friend..

Meet Scooby. My first friend in a new neighbourhood.

When I moved into my last house, It took me a while but most of the unwelcome neighbours realized that I did not appreciate the snooping. Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t have anything against society; But some people have this God given talent of getting on every last nerve of yours. I’m sure you know a few too.

This little fellow was different. He walked in one day and refused to leave. Sitting outside my gate, he would take in the goings on with barely a comment. What started as a growl when we first met, turned into him waiting for me every night so he could pant and rant about how his day went. I’d reach home from work, get out of the car to open the gates and he’d rush in. A couple of rounds around the house are quickly taken care of while I park. In all probability, he was making sure everything was as it should be. He’d then walk out the gate and wait for me. I go to see him jump around whining and panting. His way of talking to me. A few minutes spent guaranteed me forgetting all the stress at work. I go in, freshen up and come out with some food. He’d gladly accept and get busy chomping it down while making sure to look up every now and then. I guess he was letting me know he’s glad I’m there. I was glad he was there too.

Even after his owners moved home, he’d visit often. I don’t know how far he had to walk or how safe it was. But he couldn’t be bothered with these details. Every now and then I’d see a familiar shape from a distance as I approached the house. I could see him wag his tail as he recognized me. I don’t know how he could see past the headlights, but he could. And he knew. As I got closer, he’d start prancing around with all the enthusiasm of a child seeing a new toy. As usual I’d get out and open the gate, he’d run in and check if everything was as he’d left it. He’d then walk out and wait for me.

It’s as if he never went away.

These pictures were clicked over a year ago. But I had to post this cause I miss his antics. I moved homes a few months ago and haven’t seen him after that.

I’ve been parking alone ever since.

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