The universe teaches me a lesson!

I don’t know what woke me up. Perhaps it was the heat. It’s been awfully hot lately.

Was it the way my bed seemed to shiver? Or the noises. People noises. Men talking, children screaming, things being dragged. The sound wouldn’t stop. And the rumble. The damn rumble! Even if I plugged in some phones, I could still ‘feel’ the noise. And I was sweaty! My weekend seemed to have started off perfectly.

Dragging myself outta bed, I walk to the balcony. Looking out, I could see people hurrying about, crates being unloaded, trucks whirring and a huge cloud of dust where they were digging. I guess they were setting up a water bore for the apartment. I remember seeing an email about it a few days ago. Bah! They had to do this today! After a long week, I don’t deserve this!

The cloud of dust started clearing. I could see more people. Right there in the middle, without any protection, and breathing in the dust, they stood in the hot sun. The workers. It didn’t seem to bother them. Perhaps it did, but I couldn’t see them complaining. They knew they had to put food on the table. And that makes you immune. Staring down at the people who did the real work, I felt petty and vain.

Sure, it was a bit loud and kinda hot. But I was indoors, in the comfort of my home. Breathing in fresh air.

It’s a beautiful weekend.

Have you ever noticed how the universe has a funny way with lessons?

5 thoughts on “The universe teaches me a lesson!

  1. Wonderful photos, as usual! I’m particularly fond of the treatment in the first photo. There’s just enough detail to make out what you’re looking at it, but still such mystery to it. Really love it!

  2. This post kinda caught me off-guard… 🙂 Beautiful thought and pics! And yes, I know what you mean by the universe teaching you lessons. 🙂

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