My trials at Product Photography – Glass II

I’m sure you remember me complaining that lighting Glass is perhaps one of the trickier aspects of DIY product photography. The tendency to cause glare and reduce contrast if the light source is not correctly positioned is a huge pain. However, once you get the lighting right, Glass lets you come up with some really beautiful images. As can be seen in this post.

The following image was shot the same day using the same setup, but I used cups instead. You can see how they reflect light differently.

38mm 1/160 at F8; Flash 1/64 at 50mm with duffuser. Fill – Inbuilt Flash (Diffused)

Setup (Shared with the original Glass shot):

I guess its not true that you need a pro studio setup to get interesting images.

4 thoughts on “My trials at Product Photography – Glass II

    1. Thank you Adrian! I love your work! Especially the perspective and the unorthodox angles! It’s so difficult these days to find some content which is really different! All the blogs I follow have something to teach me. So its selfish actually 🙂

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