Coolest kicks in the house!

I seem to have hit on something interesting. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you’ll know that I was wondering how to meet the two interesting pics a week quota without cheating. Well it seems I now have the answer.


Yes. While a bit late, I realized that I can crop high resolution pics to get some nice angles. And its a silently agreed upon fact that the less you see of the subject, the more interesting it becomes. Well something like that.

So I dug out some of the pics I took over the weekend and came up with these crops. What do you think?

28mm 1/250 at F16

38mm 1/250 at F11

4 thoughts on “Coolest kicks in the house!

    1. Hey thanks! And you’re absolutely right! I’ve noticed that things get more interesting as we change our perspective. Even standing on a chair and clicking a picture makes a huge difference!!

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