What’s on her mind?

People say its impossible to read a woman’s mind. I for one, don’t see any particular reason why I would want to read minds. There are days when I feel I have more on my mind than I can handle. So I’m not keen on looking into other minds. Woman or man.

However, a woman deep in thought is always a beautiful subject. Lost, she does not worry about her ruffled hair or crumpled dress. She has something important that demands all her energy and attention. And (female readers may protest here) it is one of the few times when she’s actually quiet. She’s not worried about what you’re upto.

Having trained in several covert espionage methods I ensure that she does not hear me approach with my lens drawn.

120mm 1/160 at F5.6. Shot with available sunlight. No flash.


The shutter sound snaps her out of her meditation and she asks me..

‘Is my hair alright?’


13 thoughts on “What’s on her mind?

    1. Thanks Stacie! I found your blog during your (exemplary) services as Le Clown’s assistant! lol.. I’m a gemini too. Actually a taurus/gemini cusp. So I’m sure I’ll find a lot of interesting stuff on your blog!

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