I want the moon!

When I decided to buy the Canon 100-300mm USM, I knew it was capable of a lot. But I did not expect this. For the price, I don’t think it can get any better. Good build quality, metal mount, distance window and full time manual focusing with a front element that doesn’t rotate. And you get ring USM which is usually found only on top of the range lens. This guarantees very fast focusing even in low light. Not to mention being super silent.

And all this at around $150 for a used copy in excellent condition. While the Sigma 70-300 offers comparable quality at around the same price range, it takes ages to lock on. The front element rotates on the Sigma which rules out a circular polarizer. Not on the canon though! Absolute value for money.

Yes the CA is slightly high at 300mm, but nothing that can’t be fixed in post processing. So if you see one for sale, take a good look.

One of these days I’m going to write a full review on this lens.

300mm 1/50 at F8. (Handheld, ISO 400)

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