Where did my weekend go?

Oh boy! The week’s done. Now I can start complaining about how short my weekends are! Lol.. I know this is something you’ll agree with me.

Why is it that every Friday, I only remember going to bed and waking up on a monday!? I’m back at work, sitting at my desk, peering at the screen. Yeah, I look busy and confused. But I’m only confused at what happened to my weekend. Where did it go? Is it one of those mysterious secrets of the universe? Or is it a top secret government project designed to squeeze the most out of the working man? Perhaps every weekend, some alien race visits earth, prods and probes us with their wet long fingers and then wipes our memory. Personally, I think it’s the aliens.

I have only one question. Why the hell can’t they do that on a weekday?! I’d rather wake up on a Saturday with no memory of the week!! Probe away Monday thru Friday, but give me my weekends!! Sigh! Anyways, here’s my TGIF pic.

260mm 1/2500 at F8

P.S – If it looks blurry to you, you’ve probably hit the drinks a wee bit early. See if this helps.

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