Thursdays hate me!

I had made up my mind that I’m not putting up a post today. But I kept getting these mails about interesting new posts and I logged in to read a few. Then I noticed that the good bloggers always try and put something up almost everyday. I guess that’s how you become good. So I decided I had to do it too. Yeah, I’m vain. So what?

So I signed in and opened up the new post page. I was raring to go. My fingers were itching to type!

5 minutes pass. Nothing.

10 minutes pass. Thinking socks on. Still nothing.

I knew this was coming. It’s one of those wretched days when I feel like I have nothing creative to offer the world. Not that the world is waiting with baited breath, But I like to think they are! I guess it’s got to do with all the TGIF crap floating around these days. All we can think on Thursdays is about Fridays!

But I had a responsibility. And with great responsibility comes great powers. (We’re not all Spiderman)

So, being the courteous and considerate superhero uhh.. blogger that I am, I decided to whip this up.

100mm 1/250 at F4.5

P.S: As always this was shot at home. Strange cause I keep telling everyone that I’m an outdoorsy person. Well I am. But somehow most of the things I put up were born in or around my house! Except a few that were clicked at the balcony.

That’s definitely outdoors.


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