The streets are where the life is..

I’ve always been a keen fan of street photography. But I hate being ‘that weirdo’ with the camera. These days, there’s always a buffoon with a camera everywhere. Call it the SLR epidemic! At the mall, the dry cleaners, the highways. We’re everywhere! But there’s something about street photography that is deep. Still images that capture the bustle of a city. Photographs that make you feel the hot sun beating down on you. Pictures that tell a story so vivid that you wonder if you were there to see it happen.

Deep indeed.

Funnily, I’ve never actively participated in any street photography. Funny because I live in Bangalore, India. A city credited (rightly or not) for its mix of cultures and non-existent night life. The streets are always crowded with people running to catch cabs, roadside vendors squabbling, cars, bikes, passersby, children, animals and of course photographers. Somehow most cities in India give you the feeling that everything happens on the streets. And I’ve never taken a camera to it!

So in my bid to start off on this perilous journey, I present you this. My first street portrait. The poor guy met me to sell a lens and I managed to take away both his lens and this photograph.

The resized image below appears soft. Click on it to see the slightly larger but much sharper version. Is it me or is this lens sharp as a prime at 100mm? Interesting!

100mm 1/1000 at F5.6

P.S – If ever I become famous, I hope the title shows up in some famous quotes website 😀


5 thoughts on “The streets are where the life is..

  1. “Still images that capture the bustle of a city.” Amazing thought! Loved the line. 🙂 By the way, you at Bangalore? That’s where I’m planning to work within a couple of months. 🙂

      1. Yes, I’ve almost got a job as a content writer. Will be coming there soon, I guess. 🙂 And why first few months ?

      2. That’s great. I hope you make it. About the first few months, Well it takes a few months for you to realize Bangalore is not what its made out to be. lol.. But I guess that’s true of every city. I know this perspective will apply cause I’m originally from kerala, grew up in dubai and now in bangalore. So there 😉

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