Can I be a Monk and keep my Ferrari too?

It’s funny how we leave home in search of a city life and then crib about how cramped and busy it has become. It’s the only right thing to do. It’s fashionable to talk about our packed schedules and how we try to sneak in some ‘me time’. The plans of a holiday that never happen continually haunts us. People who have children complain about them. People who don’t have children complain about that! And people who don’t care about any of this, complain about people who do. It just goes on. But the only thing that binds us together is our restlessness. It constantly tells us we’re not happy. Always ready to remind us that ice creams used to be sweeter and the sun brighter. But were they?

Then of course we must start soul searching. Or Googling. Since that’s much more easier than walking around confusing memory lanes searching for snippets of peace and happiness.

Or we could just sit tight and tell ourselves the truth. That we have everything we need and most of what we want. See if that works.

Like these guys did.

50mm 1/60 at F4


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