On days when I’m too lazy to lug the camera around and go shooting, I just walk around the house looking for interesting things to click. One of the most amusing things about this habit is that it almost always ensures that everybody steers clear of me. Lest they appear in one of my pictures when not at their best. So on days when I want to be left alone, the camera comes out. You’d be surprised on its effectiveness!

This time around I ventured into the kitchen. My wife promptly left. I’m sure if the fridge could grow legs, it would’ve left too. Tired by now of my multiple photographic intrusions into its silently humming life.

But the fridge didn’t interest me. Instead the spice jars caught my eye. A clichéd subject shot by many before me and of course appeal to many after me. I am content for now.

53mm 1/80 at F4.5

(Colours have been saturated a lot. I felt I’d give a painting like feel to it.)


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